A mysterious explosion wipes out an Iowa family's farm, with the ripples felt all the way in Washington DC.


The production of the Follinglo Podcast has been a true family effort. The research, interviews, writing, design, and production have all been done by the Tjernagel family, their children, and their spouses.

Narration, interviews, and writing by Jenn Hanson-dePaula

Recording, audio editing, mix, writing, and website by Marcus dePaula

Research, interviews, and writing by Sigrid Tjernagel Hanson

Cover artwork by Katie Crumrine

Reading of Marie Tjernagel’s The Follinglo Tragedy and writing by Rebecca Hanson

Recording Marie Tjernagel’s The Follinglo Tragedy and editorial consulting by Tim Ryder

Music from Kyle Preston’s Geo album
used under Creative Commons Attribution license

Additional music by David Perry, adapting pieces by Nehemias “Unko” Tjernagel

With special thanks to
Ingeborg Tjernagel Schey
Mike Tjernagel
Ross Hanson
Sharlene Severs
Gary Reinertson
Terry Greenfield
Leland Coburn
Matt Donovan
Gregg Hanson

Produced by
Jenn Hanson-dePaula
Sigrid Tjernagel Hanson
Marcus dePaula

for our family and Story City

In memory of
1st Lieutenant Larry L. Thomas,
Captain John H. Rooks,
and all who have made the ultimate sacrifice
in service of our country.